Credit Union Performance Trends, Industry Analysis, and Peer Comparison
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DOWNLOAD CU INDUSTRY PERFORMANCE REPORT - See Below on this homepage - Listed Under "QUICK LINKS"    4Q 2023 Credit Union Industry Report: - Data Analytics are now now available.   
4Q 2023 Credit Union Industry Data Trend Report
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4Q 2023 Credit Union Industry Report:


I have had a few minutes to browse your site and I commend you for what you have done-the website, reports, and charts seem to ...(more)

David Litster
Corporate Modeling Officer
Greater Iowa Credit Union


Features and Benefits

CUDATA  is a Service Mark of CUDATA.COM LLC.


  • Provides comparative PEER Analysis (Side-by-Side) via dynamic reports and charts.
  • Provides individual credit unions and National performance trends.
  • Incorporates multiple reports and charts drilled-down into visuals of analytical data in order to give Executive Management in-depth financial PEER comparisons against other competing credit unions in the local and national markets.
  • Provides interactive reports and dynamic charts to convey a wealth of analytical information at a glance.
  • Includes charts and reports with quarterly numerical data and ratios for the current and previous 20 quarters.
  • Allows end-users to select a time frame(s), make a choice of PEER Credit Unions across the Country and select an average PEER Group for comparative analysis purposes.
  • Provides charts and reports that can be easily exported to Power Point and Excel©Spreadsheet.
  • Provides Growth, Performance, and Efficiency Ratios and PEER data comparisons.
  • Extremely easy, quick and user-friendly.
  • Simply point the chart object at the data source, and the graph is built.
  • Provides information on all credit unions across the country.
  • Evaluates PEER comparisons in one compact, dynamic display.
  • Delivers highly formatted management reports along with Web-based dynamic charts.
  • Provides competitive intelligence and performance insights to manage and improve financial and operational performance.
  • Provides analyzed data solutions necessary to close the gap between high-performance credit unions and you.
  • Management can easily see and determine why changes are occurring in the profitability and performance of the business.
  • Enables Executive Management to understand key performance drivers behind the numbers and respond to changing conditions more quickly.
  • Interactive, dynamic, at-a-glance charts and reports are perfect for Board of Directors.
  • Put information right at your fingertips at a low cost.
  • Benefits all credit union Executives regardless of their asset size.

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