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After only a few minutes of using the CUDATA site I was hooked. I have never seen anything as simple, fast or complete as this program. It exceeds any other program of its type that I have ever seen.

First American Credit Union

In our highly competitive market, it is important to assess trends through comparable data. We now have the ability to customize reports to our local market saving time and at a very reasonable cost." You have saved an employee of a very cumbersome job. We look at the national trends, but our local market place is increasingly becoming more competitive and we find ourselves constantly watching our peers now. Our membership is very unique due to the military and the Stryker division. Where other credit unions are struggling, we continue to grow and find others mirroring or trying to capture our market. In times past, we only worried about the banks yet today we now are concerned about other credit unions capitalizing on our market. Times have certainly changed, but that's another discussion.

Thanks again.

Debbie Hodous
Chief Financial Officer

CUDATA is a tool that we use to monitor Credit Union peers. Since using it we have enhanced our ability to develop meaningful marketing programs, since we now know how our peers perform in a variety of products.

I would recommend this Management tool to Credit Unions interested in how you rank in your State or peer groups.

Raymond Alexander
Technology Groups F.C.U.

I have had a few minutes to browse your site and I commend you for what you have done-the website, reports, and charts seem to be intuitive and well done. Thank you.

David Litster
Corporate Modeling Officer
Greater Iowa Credit Union

Thank you for the preview of CUDATA.COM. You and your team have a good job with the site. Its quick and accurate.

Roy Holmstrom
CFO/VP of Information Services
Clark County Credit Union

The information that CUDATA is providing is outstanding. It is very user friendly and would recommend anyone to give it a try. What used to take hours to compile now only takes minutes. We really like being able to pick and choose who and what we want to review. We give it five stars!


Darren Godfrey
Golden West Credit Union
Ogden, Utah

"Data Intelligence" creates opportunities for strategic initiatives and makes all the difference in a competitive business environment. CUDATA is a great management tool and we love it!

Jim Stead
Utah Community Credit Union

At Oregonians FCU we do a peer analysis for management and the board each quarter. This peer analysis is not just one for our asset size peers that is defined by NCUA but what we consider our ‘competitor’ credit unions in our state. We have utilized CUDATA to help with our analysis for many years. It is easy to use and gives us flexibility in choosing the desired ratios. It has also helped us to use as a starting point in evaluating some potential mergers.

Chuck Garner
Oregonians Credit Union